The Most Famous Leather Jacket Styles for Men’s and Women’s

What are the most famous leather jacket styles?

Somehow choose the best leather jacket has always been considered as tricky when going out for fashion alike. There are some courageous statements about your specific choice of style in terms of using a jacket so make sure to choose the perfect one. But find a properly fitted leather jacket is the biggest investment for every leather lover. Due to the wide variety of leather jacket styles, it can make you confused when building your wardrobe staple.

Best Leather Jacket Styles for Men and Women

Best Leather Jacket Styles for Men and WomenIf you are expecting for some advice, just get it. Here is a guide for how to wear leather jacket with style that will surely help to set your mind which one is good for you. Following are the most famous leather jacket styles which you will like to wear for casual, party dressing, or as fashion wear.

Women’s Biker Leather Jackets Stripes

Leather Biker Jackets:

Leather Biker Jackets

The biker jacket was initially made for the bikers or motorcyclists, using their precise cropped style letting the bikers to lean over their rides on their bikes deprived of the clip digging into their body. Merely by wearing this jacket will offer you more of a superiority. The biker leather jacket styles are  considered more eye-catching as it contains a lot more characteristics to define, like zipper cuffs, belted buckles, poppers, shirt collars, huge lapels that are made to collapse each other. The leather biker jackets appears as slippery during day or night, whether you are striking on the streets or simply riding out to meet a far friend.

Leather Bomber Jackets:

The bomber jacket is also known as flight jacket, designed for pilots back in ancient days. They are usually fairly modest so that the key focus is the form, guaranteeing tighter at the wrists and waist. These are countless styles of Leather Bomber Jackets when moving to a ball game with your companions or even heading out to dinner during the date-night. You can wear leather bomber jacket with a pair of different outfits to look fashionable and stylish. It becomes an extremely famous leather jacket styles in modern times and we’re not astonished as to why.

Mens Black Bomber Leather Jacket

Kim Kardashian Shearling Bomber Jacket

Classic Leather Jackets:

When it comes to a gentleman outfit, the one and only piece of gear blinks in mind – that is classic leather jacket. Ask yourself that who wear these jackets? There are various styles of classic leather jackets worn by rock stars, fighter pilots, movie characters and many more. The classic leather jacket style is ideal for both as designer outfit or casual wear. From Brando Style to Boda Skin, Retro Design to Terminator 2 Leather Jackets are available in numerous variations that can be wear with a white polo or a dress shirt and tie.

Men’s Vintage Retro Café Racer Black Jacket

Women’s Cafe Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket Red

Quilted Leather Jackets:

Quilted leather jacket is also one of the best style, can be used as a stylish lapel along with collar and front. This specific quilted leather jacket style has a slanted zipper pocket on upper right side and double vertical zipped pockets on waist. These quilted leather jacket looks great in black and has a perforated feature in it. You can merely see quilted panels, ribbed sleeves and signature hardware.

Mens Quilted Leather Jacket

Women’s Black Lambskin Leather Quilted Biker Jacket

Vintage Leather Jackets:

Vintage Leather Jackets

One of the coolest ways to purchase a vintage leather jacket that signifies your own style. It guarantees that you are not heading to upturn to a ride in the similar jacket as anyone else. The key places to get your dream jacket is The Jacket Factory, also known as TJF. Sometimes the hunt for The Special One is almost as fun. You will require to open and be ready as you never know when the flawless jacket might upturn, and you require to be ready to try some on till you do!

Men’s Vintage Distressed Look Zipper Brown Real Leather Jacket

Womens Biker Vintage Leather Jacket


Choosing any leather jacket style is fairly significant and you can pick the sort of jacket that ensembles you greatest and matches the costume you already have. When you are about to buy your favorite jacket, just pair with your outfit and try keeping it neutral with the colors, so that the look appears simple. The Jacket Factory lets you experience a wide variety of leather jackets available in the stock to meet your needs. These leather jackets are nicely handcrafted, if you take great care of them. So, make sure to keep this stuff out of the rain and when storing, use a proper padded hanger so that they survive their shape.