Top 8 ways to protect your jacket from COVID


We all know the sudden outbreak of virus in the world, currently. The world is in a pandemic and it is important to ensure the safety of everyone. Covid-19 is a virus that started in Wuhan which is a province in China. It spread globally and now has affected the world. The virus has taken several lives in the world and has affected 198 countries in the world.

The symptoms of Covid-19 includes cough, cold, mild to severe fever, shortness of breath and fatigue. It is important to stay safe in this chaotic situation by staying indoors and maintaining social distancing. It is recommended by WHO and CDC to wash your hands frequently and use sanitizers when you don’t have water and soap around. They also recommended to cover your mouth with a tissue paper whilst coughing and making sure to avoid touching you face with your hands.

Another important way to avoid getting Covid-19 is to keep your things safe. We touch a thousand things everyday and go out every day. It is important to ensure that your clothes are covid-19 free and not affected.

Ways to keep your jacket safe from Covid-19 are as follows;

1.   Wash Your Jacket

If you have recently been out and in a public place. Make sure to wash your jacket thoroughly with soap and water. If you have visited outside, it is possible that you may have gotten germs all over your jacket. This can happen by someone touching you without you noticing, your jacket touching something or even if germs flew on your jacket. It is important to make sure to wash it every time you come back from the outside.

2.   Sanitize your jacket

It may not be possible to wash your jacket every now and then. Wool and cotton jackets are thick and cannot be easily washed. At this point, make sure to at least sanitize your jacket. This would help to kill the germs on your jacket and keep it safe from Covid-19.

3.   Polish your jacket

If you own a leather jacket which you have recently worn somewhere in public – it is not easy to wash them. In order to keep them clean and Covid-19 free, make sure to polish your leather jackets. You can find these polishes in your nearby shops. These polishes tend to clean as well as sanitize your leather jackets at once. Keep your jackets clean and avoid the virus at all costs.

4.   Wipe Your Jackets

It is understandable that washing a jacket everyday is not possible. These are the desperate times when you need to make sure to stay away from this virus. Your jacket can easily catch this virus by witnessing someone’s cough or sneeze. Covid-19 tends to spread through physical contact and water droplets from sneezes or coughs. Make sure to wipe your jacket with wipes or even a wet cloth. This would prevent the germ to live on your jacket for too long.

5.   Place your jacket in sunshine

It is said that warmth and sunshine kills Covid-19. Well, we aren’t sure of that but it is important to take every precautionary measure to stay safe. You can ensure to give sunshine to your jacket everyday. This would help to kill any Covid-19 germs on your jacket. Taking precautionary measures in this situation would do no harm to us. This would prevent the Covid-19 germ from staying alive on your jacket for long.

6.   Keep your jacket separate

If you have a particular jacket that you wear whilst going out in this pandemic, make sure to keep it separate. The Covid-19  germs tend to stick on clothes as well, so to avoid getting the germs on all your other clothes, keep this jacket separate from the rest of the clothes and make sure to wash it on daily  basis.

7.   Maintain Social Distancing

It is important to maintain social distancing in this situation of chaos and pandemic. The World Health Organization and CDC asks the public to make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from people. Meeting people and standing near them might transmit the germs through droplets of their coughs and sneezes. In order to keep your jacket safe from Covid-19, make sure to practice social distancing for the sake of your health.

8.   Don’t wear it in Public

There are some jacket which are just too special for us. These kinds of jackets are the ones which we don’t want to lose. So, in order to keep these jackets safe from Covid-19 refrain from wearing these in public places. Firstly, don’t step out of the house unless totally necessary and if you have to, make sure to leave these jackets at your home. Keeping your jacket safe is to keep it at home and not wear it in public places.


It is important to take all precautionary measures at this stage of the pandemic. Make sure to stay safe by staying home, practicing social distance, covering your mouth and frequently washing your hands. We all have to stay home in this situation to protect ourselves as well as people around us from catching this virus. Let us all hope for this pandemic to end ASAP. So, play your part by staying safe and keeping others safe.