Normal Paul leather Jacket


Normal Paul leather jacket:

This amazing Paul Normal  Connell Brown Leather Jacket. comes in classic brown color. made with a real leather material with an inner viscose fabric lining. Two side waist pockets make it more practical and functional for the wearer. You can easily pair this brown leather jacket with denim jeans and create your simple casual style.

Normal people:

In Normal People, Connell and Marianne are schoolmates who pretend not to know each other. Connell is a popular star of the school football team. When Connell comes to pick his mother up from her job at Marianne’s house. A  strange and ineffectual connection grows between the two teenagers.

A year later, they’re both studying at Trinity College in Dublin. Marianne has found her feet in a new social world while Connell hangs at the sidelines, shy and uncertain. All over their years at university, Marianne and Connell circle one another, straying toward other people and possibilities but always magnetically, charming drawn back together. And as she veers into self-destruction and he begins to search for meaning elsewhere, each must confront how far they are willing to go to save the other

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