Amiri Bone Tan Varsity Jacket


Amiri Bone Tan Varsity Jacket:

The Amiri Bones Varsity Jacket is delivered utilizing wool. The Amiri Bone Varsity Jacket has a shirt-style neck area with a secured decision close by a rib sewed hemline which makes it supportive to wear and makes the Jacket look truly stylish. The Jacket has the "AMIRI" logo engraved on the chest and wound around bones on the sleeves, giving the jacket an extraordinary look. The internal of the jacket contains a fragile thick covering which gives warmth and comfort to the wearer. The sleeves of the Jacket are long and fit with rib-sewed sleeves. The Amiri Bones Varsity jacket has two zipper side mid-region pockets to keep stuff. The fine quality sewing makes the coat sturdy to wear. The Amiri Bone Varsity Jacket is the choice of tasteful men.



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