Dom Victor Dantas Leather Jacket


Dom Victor Dantas Leather Jacket:

Dom is an activity show TV series. The series is about a cop named Victor who forfeited his life to battle the conflict against opiates and to help his child Pedro, who became perhaps of the most needed criminal in Rio de Janeiro. The Dom Victor Dantas Leather Jacket is presented by the personality of Victor Dantas in the series and has gotten the eyes of a few fashionistas for its one of a kind style and top of the line subtleties. Flavio Tolezani Dom 2021 Earthy colored Leather Jacket is comprised of certified Leather with an extra covering of delicate thick texture which upgrades the degree of warmth and solace of this outfit. The shirt-style neckline and front fastened conclusion add greater flexibility to the Jacket. Two side midriff pockets are introduced on the front where you can without much of a stretch secure your important things while going out. Full-length sleeves have open trim sleeves.



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